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California native Danny Tuggle has been into playing music since the age of thirteen.  Learning piano from a classical standpoint, Danny also picked up guitar and sax through the years.  Influenced by a wide variety of music in his youth from the Grateful Dead to ZZ top, Danny wanted to play in a band with his early school mates.  Interesting enough, guitar was his main choice to play in the band but, being there was a guitar player ready to go, he figured drums would be cool to play as well.

Danny honed his skills from listening to the radio and showed a major interest in Punk rock which solidified his drive to remain a drummer. Through the years, Danny would play around with guitar but continue to remain on drums with a group of friends he enjoys playing with.  Later in the years Danny got a job at a Guitar Center and associated with many musicians. It was then Danny was approached by Vino to sit in with the band. 

Danny was interested to diversify his musical adventures and soon was doing shows with the boys who now has claimed the throne as the drummer for Love and Voodoo.