About The Band

The Band Vino Jimmy Jet Danny Tuggle

Love and Voodoo is a band with a very unique brand of Rock.  Driven by the desire of music and performing, the band strives to bring that element of excitement that influenced and motivated the members of this power trio since the beginning.  Love and Voodoo was formed in the end of 2006 from a reconnecting of a 13 year association between Bass player/Vocalist Vino and Guitar player Jimmy Jet.  The two always talked about playing together although, life presented the opportunity for these two “Illegitimate children of Rock n’ Roll” to form into a tight bond. 

Surprisingly, the two sat down with a recorder and a guitar and wrote 5 tunes within a few hours.  After an ample amount of writing sessions, Vino and Jimmy were ready to make this into a band.  The dynamic duo wanted a name that was catchy but made a strong statement.  After tossing around names Vino spawned the sexy and mysterious name Love and Voodoo.  With a new identity and a playlist of original songs at hand, the two began searching for a drummer to drive their sound, although it may seem easy to do…during in the process of developing their style and sound, they learned this was not an easy task.  If one was to ask, these two will laugh and tell you the extensive stories of finding a solid drummer to define the Love and Voodoo sound.  After a long 8 months of playing with some interesting and odd drummers, the two came across drummer Danny Tuggle. 

Danny who was working at a local Guitar Center seemed interested in playing with the band and after prepping Danny with the tune set list and show cues he made it work and last on the checklist was a front singer.  Unknowingly, reality unveiled itself with nightmare after nightmare of individuals not bringing the style or sound to represent the package.  After endless searching and auditioning, Jimmy suggests that since Vino writes the lyrics to all the songs, he should lead the band until a permanent is found.  Understanding this last option was the only solution if this band was to ever perform immediately.  The revelation of all three members agreed, waiting for someone to arrive was not an option, they had to make it happen. 

Presented with this new challenge of being a lead vocalist while, carrying his bass playing duties, Vino jumped in with no hesitation to make it work for his team who had his back.  After a string of video and audio recorded rehearsals, the guys were ready to take to the streets.  Love and Voodoo’s first show with this new lineup was at a packed local bar and grill opening for a band, who put them on the 4 act bill from a connection Vino made with the bass player of that band.  Disappointed to find out, the main band that Love and Voodoo were opening for was not able to play due to the band’s singer being ill. 

After the first two acts performed, the crowd witnessed a hungry and powerful unknown Love and Voodoo hitting the stage like a freight train.  To hear catchy charismatic tales of life, sex and love with raunchy driven guitar, backed by punchy solid drums and held together with deep funky bass grind, the guys received loud applause, screams and party hoots from the many patrons highly impressed and overwhelmed with this new but, familiar brand of Rock that so many bands ignore or dismiss. When asked about what and why they play the way they do, they will explain that many bands are concerned about their own egos and play to impress. 

Love and Voodoo enjoys playing fun music the same way they grew up partying at concerts and the scene of everyone having a great time in life.  At the same time do not underestimate the writing skills or musicianship of this trio, for they all have very extensive music and cultural backgrounds that enables an advantage in this game of Rock n’ Roll.  One can understand for these players, it’s all about appreciating and enjoying the whole experience of seeing a live Rock band in all its dynamic and colorful flair.  Those are the magical elements that Love and Voodoo will bring to a show near you.