Profile Shot Jimmy Jet  

Born and raised in Oakland, California armed with his mom's 1/4" reel to reel recorder, Jimmy heard his first guitar licks from the legendary Les Paul. The song "Vaya Con Dios" was the first introduction Jimmy Jet ever heard and had a profound influence on him. A simple song with rich melodies and layered with quick tasteful licks. To this day, the reel to reel still works but has recordings of AC/DC's "Back in Black", a quick audio from a TV show he found. And so it has begun.  Jimmy Jet's real influences were guitarist such as Randy Rhoads, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and Joe Perry. These great players all honed their magic with a Gibson Les Paul. His passion to acquire such a great guitar has been a life's quest.

Working many years in the music industry made his quest to play the best made and sounding guitars and amps came easy and also the greats that ushered from it. He worked side by side with modern day greats like Zakk Wylde, Kerry King, Joe Perry and Slash to name a few.  His goal was helping them achieve the best sounding tone from their rigs. "Just little things like a cable, can make all the difference" is a simple fact that made good.

With his connections, he's been in the largest venues watching from the side stage, while his heroes play to crowds of thousands. It was time for him to begin his journey, that lead him to meet up with his leading co writer and bassist Vino. As these two cross paths at music stores and life's turns, they formed Love and Voodoo.

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