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Born in east Oakland, California. Vino was around every aspect of music which became his passion in life, as every element of his development had a soundtrack to it.  Vino absorbed everything from his parent’s massive record collection from Latin, Soul to Jazz which, turned into a desire to play and perform music after constant exposure from parent's love of music and live performances.

Growing up around older musicians in Oakland, there was always someone willing to show him something on each and every instrument, which made him more obsessed with music.  Since sports was of no interest to young Vino after The Oakland Raiders left for LA in 1982, his father bought a 3 piece drum set, acoustic guitar and a small keyboard, to which motivated him to learn and play songs on the radio.  Vino started a small band playing drums with his neighborhood friends who were heavily influenced by Rick James, Prince and the early stages of dance music. 

Within the following years, Vino’s father was transferred to Kansas City through his job as a Union auto worker, in turn meant the family needed to move which brought a change to his musical development. Through the 80’s, Vino adapted to his new mid western environment, his new discovery in rock music took him to a new level of excitement.  Vino’s best instrument was an early VCR which he recorded and studied rock videos such as Van Halen, Motley Crue and Kiss on Night Flight and early MTV.  He became an interesting subject in his high school as “that ethnic guy from California who likes rock.”  Vino learned to play music from all the rock bands from a drummer’s aspect, which made him a commodity to many bands in the KC area. 

After high school and a summer of doing small mid west band tours, Vino went to college to study music.  After getting a harsh wakeup call from his music teacher in music theory class, Vino readapted his skill and learned other instruments in order to understand music to its fullest.  Under the schooling of Marlin Cooper and John Cushon, Vino embraced Jazz and classical which combined with his rock experience, turned his interest listening to Fusion music.  Influenced by Jean-Luc Ponty and Chick Corea Elektric band Vino moved his playing into writing and composing. 

Keyboards and synths became his new tool of expression.  After a deep conversation with his instructor and mentor John Cushon, Vino felt it was time to switch gears and changed his major to drafting design and was introduced to computers.  During that time Vino spent day and night studying and writing music simultaneously.  The growing technology of computers and MIDI electronic music helped him develop his skill.  After the graduation in 1992, Vino left Kansas to return home only to keep writing and recording everything he could imagine. 

This developed a skill, where in time would help him from not being able to work as a draftsman.  Vino landed a job at a Guitar Center in Berkeley, California.  Vino leaned about the business, gear and made many connections including a young Jimmy Jet with whom the two always talked about playing together someday.  As Vino matured he got deeper into the business and with his connections, did every job from studio work to teaching recording at Expressions college. 

Every year Vino would attend the NAMM music trade show in LA, and every year he would run in to Jimmy Jet, which they would still talk about playing together.  It wasn’t until the middle of 2006 where Vino and Jimmy actually crossed paths again only to later that year form Love and Voodoo.

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